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Shirley Walker has passed away
November 30, 2006: Shirley Walker passed away early November 20, 2006 due to complications from a stroke. She was 61. Shirley was a major talent and a beautiful person. She will be missed. This site would not have been possible without her incredible kindness, generosity and support. Please think of Shirley's family and wish them well in this difficult time.

La-La Land Records releases 'Batman: Animated Series' 2CD set
December 9, 2008: La-La Land announced they were releasing a 2-CD set of music from Batman: The Animated Series, with music by Shirley Walker, Lolita Ritmanis and Michael McCuistion (w/ Danny Elfman's main and end title themes). The set is loaded with over one-hundred-and-fifty minutes of music, a 20 Page CD booklet, liner notes from series writer/producer Paul Dini, composers Lolita Ritmanis, Michael McCuistion and Danny Elfman. Batman: The Animated Series is limited to 3000 units, and ships December 16th. Pre-orders are now being taken at La-La Land Record's website.

Film Score Monthly Interview
October 5, 2006: Film Score Monthly's latest online issue features part 1 of a brand new interview with Shirley. Spanning from the start of her career to scoring Batman: Mask of The Phantasm, Shirley speaks about getting her start in the film music business, working with other composers, and what the choir in Mask of The Phantasm are really saying! Subscribe to FSM Online and read the article.

Dreaming of a 'Black Christmas'
, 2006: Shirley will score Black Christmas for director Glen Morgan and Dimension Films. Due in theaters, naturally, on Christmas Day, the film is a remake of the classic 1974 shocker of the same name, about a group of sorority sisters menaced by a prank caller who picks them off one by one...

Recording 'Final Destination 3' & The Gross-O-Meter
January 5, 2006: SoundtrackNet has posted a recording session report from Shirley's Final Destination 3 session at The Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studios in Los Angeles. Click here to view photos, the Gross-O-Meter and more.

Shirley set for 'Final Destination 3'
October 10, 2005: Shirley will score Final Destination 3 for director James Wong, and writer Glen Morgan, the team behind the original Final Destination. The score will be recorded in mid-November for the film's release date in early '06.

IMDB credits correction
October 10, 2005: Shirley has let me know that credits listed on her IMDB entry are incorrect. She did not score Bits and Pieces: Bring Death To Life, Cheating Death: Beyond and Back and The Terror Gauge. Although she did say "They certainly sound like the types of films I generally get to do"! redone!
December 30, 2004: Just in time for the New Year, has been completely redesigned! Audioclips from Final Destination 2 and Willard have also been added to the site. Please check back for news items soon.

Shirley's Film Scores Available On-line
December 30, 2004: I've received emails from visitors who have been searching for Shirley's commercially released music. The following may be available at as auction items. They are unfortunately listed as "Out of Stock" by the online retailer.
Final Destination on DVD
Batman Beyond (@Amazon, $13.27)
Batman: Mask of The Phantasm (@Amazon, $13.99)
Escape From L.A. (@Amazon, $11.49)
Memoirs of An Invisible Man (@Amazon, $16.49)

Also available:
Final Destination DVD with isolated score and commentary by Shirley Walker.

Final Destination 2WillardBatman BeyondEscape From L.A.Batman Mask Of The PhantasmMemoirs of An Invisible Man

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